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This garlic/ginger grater bowl with pouring lip will grate to a fine paste which can then be mixed with oil and other seasonings in the same ceramic dish and used for pouring dressings or sauces onto salads etc.. This bowl can also be used to grate fresh ginger. 

A wheel thrown bowl that has a raised texture in the center is ideal for mashing garlic. The dish is large enough to also hold herbs, fish sauce, lemon or lime juice, pepper, salt, or any other ingredients you may add for cooking or dipping. 

The grating portion is VERY sharp and it is recommended to attach the garlic …. Or piece of ginger to a small fork to avoid cutting yourself.

Keep away from children and treat like a ceramic knife

Garlic/Ginger Grater Bowl with Pouring Lip

  • Microwave Safe

    Dishwasher Safe

    Oven Safe

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